The William & Eleanor Cave Award

William & Eleanor Cave were devoted officers of The American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS) for decades. They recognized the opportunities in developing new technologies and alternative methods to address the problems of animal experimentation. They dedicated resources to fund research, eventually resulting in the establishment of the ARDF.

The William & Eleanor Cave Award is presented to honor achievements in advancing alternatives to the traditional use of animals in testing, research, or education. The award, presented biennially, is accompanied by an honorarium of $10,000.


2020   Suzanne Fitzpatrick  |  US Food and Drug Administration  |  Silver Spring, MD
2018   Robert Kavlock  |  Kavlock Consulting  |  Washington, DC
2016   Raymond Tice  |  RTice Consulting  |  Hillsborough, NC
2014   Frank Gerberick  |  Procter & Gamble Company  |  Cincinnati, OH
2012   Mel Andersen  |  Hamner Institute for Health Sciences  |  Research Triangle Park, NC
2010   Alternatives to Laboratory Animals (Michael Balls, Editor)  |  FRAME  |  Nottingham, England
2008   Rodger Curren  |  Institute for In Vitro Sciences  |  Gaithersburg, MD
2006  Daniel Smeak  |  Ohio State University  |  Columbus, OH
2002  Leon Bruner  |  Gillette Company  |  Needham, MA
2000  John Sheasgreen  |  MatTek Corporation  |  Ashland, MA
1998  George Russell  |  Adelphi University  |  Garden City, NY
1996  Ruy Tchao  |  Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science  |  Philadelphia, PA

Affiliations and cities listed were at the time of the award.